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Electropoint Online (an associate of electronics society) leading company in electronics embedded solutions, over its 13 years of experience has shown the ability to adapt its know-how to new, challenging engineers needs, and to provide cutting edge solutions to its partners.electropoint has worked with innovative and critical projects with Reddy Labs India Ltd., Analogic Controls India Pvt. Ltd., Hariohm Electronics Pvt. Ltd. The Company is committed to improving industrial and technical support to the community through technical expertise and knowledge to the engineering sector.

The company was founded in the year of 2001 and just in one year has grown into a successful producer of electronics products to provide cutting edge solutions to its partners. electropoint was formed by Dedicated eminent group of Scientists, professionals with formal qualifications and industrial experience in the fields of embedded systems, real-time software, process control and industrial electronics. The company is professionally managed and supported by qualified experienced specialists and consultants with experience in embedded systems - including hardware and software.

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